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Soul of an Athlete



  • "Up To Speed" by Christine Yu

    “Up to Speed is a roadmap and toolbox for athletes of all ages. Every coach should read it and discuss it with their athletes. I wish I had been able to read this book while I was competing.” —Kara Goucher, Olympic long-distance runner and author of The Longest Race

    How the latest science can he...

  • Working through the Dark

    He gave it everything he had while he was in the NFL. But his story doesn't start there.

    There was a point in his life when he had to make a deliberate decision not to allow his childhood abuse define him any longer. In many ways his story is not unique; in fact, it is all too common. Because of...

  • The flight of your life

    You know that you are moving, but you really aren't going anywhere.

    Confined by and defined by laziness, loss, or limitations, you continually live beneath your potential while living up to everyone else's expectations. You are living a life led by compulsion. You have lost touch with the power ...