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Welcome to "Coach Stories," a captivating SPKN Original Series that will inspire and leave you moved. Join us as we unveil a collection of unforgettable and impactful stories shared by coaches, athletes, administrators, and more. Prepare to be blown away by the wisdom and depth of these narratives.

In each concise episode, you'll discover a wealth of lessons that resonate with our shared humanity. From moments of inspiration to tales of love, sorrow, and beyond, these personal and observed experiences will leave you filled with profound insights.

Quench your thirst for knowledge with these powerful stories that have the potential to transform your workplace and everyday life. Dive into the narratives that elevate the field of sport, featuring thought leaders and everyday voices. Immerse yourself in the wisdom they impart.

Unlock the transformative power of storytelling and gain valuable insights to enhance your coaching practices and personal growth. These "Coach Stories" provide a unique opportunity to expand your horizons and explore the depths of human experiences.

Experience the beauty of "Coach Stories." Let these narratives inspire, educate, and empower you. Don't miss out on this extraordinary collection that celebrates the art of coaching and the universal lessons it imparts.

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  • BILL TIERNEY's Coach Story

    Episode 1

    How Bill Tierney went from being drafted into coaching his daughter's basketball team to a NCAA DI Championship winning lacrosse coach.

  • KRIS WEEMS's Coach Story

    Episode 2

    Is anger the best motivator? It’s certainly one method experienced in a long career in basketball.

  • DAVID MOSELEY's Coach Story

    Episode 3

    A losing team only deserves $5 meals at McDonalds?

  • ARIAN FOSTER's Coach Story

    Episode 4

    The good, the bad, and the NFL. Foster gives his best and worst coach stories from a storied career.

  • Dr. JAY COAKLEY's Coach Story

    Episode 5


    Episode 6

    Joanne Pasternak's love of figure skating was waning until she met a coach who was able to understand and inspire her.

  • ALISON FOLEY's Coach Story

    Episode 7

    Alison Foley talks about the right way to tell a player they have been cut from a game.

  • JAMIE FRANKS' Coach Story

    Episode 8

    Remaining mindful and open can help alleviate the stress of having those hard conversations with athletes.


    Episode 9

    Celebrating a regional championship with your teammates, family, friends and alumni in a tiny restaurant can make all the difference in an athlete's life.


    Episode 10

    The speaker shares reflections on influential figures in their life. They highlight the creative power of writing taught by David Brinkley, their English lit professor. They also appreciate their committee chair at Ohio State for demonstrating elegant and simplistic writing. Lastly, they discuss ...

  • LUKE HOCHEVAR's Coach Story

    Episode 11

    Dr. G's tough workouts always come with a lesson and a side of appreciation.

  • JOHN O'SULLIVAN's Coach Story

    Episode 12

    Every coach makes an impact, even if it’s just for a moment.

  • Dr. SARA ERDNER's Coach Story

    Episode 13

    Training for the strongwoman competition doesn't always have to be boring and grueling.

  • KARLTON CREECH's Coach Story

    Episode 14

    Positive coaching doesn't have to be all or nothing. Sometimes a cheery greeting can go a long way.

  • SAM HEYS' Coach Story

    Episode 15

    Our own coaches can inspire us, but how do they impact the lives of others in the short-term and future?

  • SHAUN HAMILTON's Coach Story

    Episode 16

    Sport athletes come in all shapes, sizes and ambitions. How a doubting coach pushed Shaun Hamilton to prove the naysayers wrong.


    Episode 17

    Young athletes and coaches need to see themselves represented at all levels of the game.

  • GARY SAILES' Coach Story

    Episode 18

    Words of wisdom from one coach can influence the rest of your life, even beyond sports.

  • FRED CORRAL's Coach Story

    Episode 19

    How Fred Corral's advice to Luke Hochevar stayed with him for years.

  • DAN GIULIANI's Coach Story

    Episode 20

    Dan Giuliani adds perspective to both winning and losing.

  • MIKE LaVIGNE's Coach Story

    Episode 21

    Mike Lavigne's kindhearted gesture of getting BC uniforms, turns into a legacy story of how helping others can be contagious.

  • DR. TRAVIS HEATH's Coach Story

    Episode 22

    Travis Heath remembers being a young coach and how he see now that sports is also about community and forming relationships.