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Watch this video and more on SPKN

ALISON FOLEY | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Boston College



  • JOHN O'SULLIVAN | CEO Changing the Game

    With many retired athletes hired as coaches, John O'Sullivan calls for a deeper look into the qualifications of a coach, and shares how our culture is rapidly changing coach education. Professionalization in sport is progressing in an upward trend, and youth sport as we know it is about to change...

  • LGBTQ+ ATHLETE | Activism

    Increase in activism is having a clear affect on acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community in sport. Dr. Coakley adds some insight into who is responsible for perceptions of LBGTQ+ in sport and society in general.

  • MIKE LaVIGNE | Head Women's Soccer Co...

    The soccer phenomenon from Boston College tells of his eventful career in women’s soccer and the struggles he faced. In a time where women’s collegiate sport was just beginning, LaVigne recaps the many struggles and obstacles he overcame to get the program off the ground.
    We’ll learn how the NCA...