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  • CHANTAL VALLÉE and DR. GORDON BLOOM | Building a Championship Program

    Chantal Vallée is the Head Coach of the Windsor Lancers Women’s Basketball program. Chantal inherited a team with only 4 winning seasons in 50 years and went on to win 5 consecutive National Championships. Dr. Gordon Bloom is a Professor and Director of the Sport Psychology Research Laboratory in...


    Four of the players on the 1998 Stanford cardinals share how their friendship carried them all the way to the final four. Through packed stadiums, screaming fans, and performance anxiety, these teammates supported each other and their common goal. The four share their thoughts on the final game i...

  • ANDREW MARANISS | Recognizing Leaders in Sports

    Andrew Maraniss is known for his sport biographies of athletes who push the envelope and serve as beacons of inspiration. Andrew has written biographies on Perry Wallace, Glenn Burke, and the first US Women’s Olympic basketball team. In this episode, Meg and Dr. G gained insight into the history ...


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  • NAME, IMAGE, LIKENESS | NCAA and Amateurism

    The NCAA is a form of multiple "companies" who regulate the sport. What role does Congress play in that?

    NCAA & Amateurism
    Prospective student-athletes enrolling for the first time at a Division I or II school must receive a final amateurism certification before being eligible to compete. This ...

  • ASANTE CLEVELAND's Coach Story

    In this episode of Sideline, former NFL tight-end Asante Cleveland and clinical sport psychologist Dr. Trevor Cote, share their personal stories and discuss the importance of caring for the athlete at all levels of performance. Player transitions throughout their career - high school to college,...


    USA Lacrosse, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is the governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse in the United States, leads the U.S. National Teams Program, and establishes universal standards. With nearly 400,000 members across the country, USA Lacrosse unites the community of players, coac...