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  • VINCENT MINJARES, PhD. & JON SOLOMON | Reimagining Youth Sports

    Jon Solomon and Vincent Minjares from Aspen Institute's Sport and Society Program discuss Project Play's initiative to build healthy communities through sports. They delve into the challenges in youth sports, including commercialization, the need for coach training, and funding issues. The conver...

  • JIM HARBAUGH | Being a Leader for Elite Athletes

    Join us on this episode of Sideline as we sit down with the renowned Coach Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. With over two decades of coaching experience and a storied career as an NFL quarterback, Coach Harbaugh shares his unique perspective on leadership, coaching, and develo...


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    Welcome to "Coach Stories," a captivating SPKN Original Series that will inspire and leave you moved. Join us as we unveil a collection of unforgettable and impactful stories shared by coaches, athletes, administrators, and more. Prepare to be blown away by the wisdom and depth of these narrative...

  • Beneath The Armor | Dr. Jen Welter

    Dr. Jen Welter is a trailblazer in the world of sports, making history as the first female coach in the NFL. A former professional football player, she made her mark on the gridiron as a standout linebacker for the Texas Revolution in the Indoor Football League. Welter's groundbreaking coaching c...


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    A nonprofit sport organization in the US is a type of organization that operates for the benefit of the public and is exempt from federal income tax. These organizations are typically established to promote and develop sports and physical activity in local communities. Nonprofit sport organizatio...

  • SOCIALIZATION IN SPORT | Participation vs. Performance

    Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg discuss the differences in athlete experience between competitive sport programs and enjoyment focused sports. Offering opportunities for athletes to blend these activities can expand their experiences and enrich their overall development.