Explore conversations around equality issues in this gender-focused content. Learn about the different perspectives and how to lead with empathy and understanding from these ever-growing conversations around gender.

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  • Beneath The Armor | Dr. Jen Welter

    Dr. Jen Welter is a trailblazer in the world of sports, making history as the first female coach in the NFL. A former professional football player, she made her mark on the gridiron as a standout linebacker for the Texas Revolution in the Indoor Football League. Welter's groundbreaking coaching c...


    Where do we stand as a society in terms of acceptance. And what are the differences between male and female sports. Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg discuss the issue with a good dose of history.

  • GENDER EQUALITY IN SPORT | A Historical Context

    Practicing fairness in the sports requires a solid understanding of equity and equality. There is a lot more there than it seems. Historical social values have influenced our understanding of fairness. Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg discuss how today's culture is redefining the meaning and standards ...

  • GENDER EQUALITY IN SPORT | Equity, Equality, & Chivalry

    Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg dissect the complex social issue of equity and equality in women's sports. How do commercial interests complicate the matter? And is chivalry a matter of interpretation or just an archaic concept?

  • GENDER EQUALITY IN SPORT | Follow the Money

    Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg take a look at the differences in attention and revenue between men's and women's sports. The issue is particularly pointed at the collegiate level where the pretense is on educational benefits of athletics, but revenue drives the engine.

  • GENDER EQUALITY IN SPORT | Inequity Caused by Media

    You can't have true equality without equality in the media coverage. The quantity and quality of sports coverage and audience share has a self-proliferating effect that favors male sports. Meg and Dr. Jay Coakley examine the details of the issue to enlighten effects we may take for granted.

  • GENDER EQUALITY IN SPORT | Leveling the Gendered Playing Field

    Meg and Dr. Jay Coakley examine the issue of perceived differences in quality between men's and women's sport. Are they justified, or a social construct.
    Understanding the effects of male dominated sports institutions, and coaching will help clarify the issues when they arise in your own pra...

  • GENDER EQUALITY IN SPORT | Myths About Female Athletes

    As women demonstrated institutional sports they were restricted by institutional roles based on chivalrous myths. The legacies of myths about strength and fragility lasted beyond the scientific evidence. Understanding the origins of these inequalities will help guide your practice.

  • LGBTQ+ ATHLETE | Activism

    Increase in activism is having a clear affect on acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community in sport. Dr. Coakley adds some insight into who is responsible for perceptions of LBGTQ+ in sport and society in general.


    Meg and Dr. Jay Coakley offer an introductory conversation around the terms and issues with identities within the LGBTQ+ community.

  • THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY IN SPORT | Gender Stereotypes

    Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg discuss their experience with LGBTQ+ stereotyping around associations with particular sports, and the affects stereotypes may have on participants.


    International politics and LGBTQ+ cross over in the olympic games. Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg lay out the current issues.

  • THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY IN SPORT | Under Social Pressure

    Meg and Dr. Jay Coakley talk about how sports institutions support or suppress the acceptance of LGBTQ+ members in society.

  • TRANSGENDER ATHLETES | A Political Response

    Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg explain how the conversation around transgender athletes in sport has been skewed by political agendas. How can we turn the conversation back to an athletic discussion?

  • TRANSGENDER ATHLETES | Health & Safety for All Athletes

    When it comes to discussing transgender athletes in sport, testosterone is major topic. Dr Jay Coakley and Meg debunk the great myth around testosterone and point out where exactly the information around it got distorted.


    Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg sit down to discuss the division of men and women in sports. Through an evolving lens and conversation around gender, they discuss the benefits of mixed sport.

  • TRANSGENDER ATHLETES | The Alignment of Purpose & Practice

    Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg lay out the facts and conceptions about transgendered athletes' competitiveness. They explore the standards for the this complex area crucial to fairness and inclusion.

  • TRANSGENDER ATHLETES | Transgender Vocabulary

    Join Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg for an insightful conversation around gender. Understand what to say and what not to say, and arm yourself with the right vocabulary to keep sport inclusive and welcoming for all gender types.

  • TRANSGENDER ATHLETES | Who's Right on Athletes' Rights?

    Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg introduce you to the trans civil rights movement. Learn more about the changes it has brought to the world of sport and what we expect to see in the future.

  • MIKE LaVIGNE | Head Women's Soccer Coach, Boston College

    The soccer phenomenon from Boston College tells of his eventful career in women’s soccer and the struggles he faced. In a time where women’s collegiate sport was just beginning, LaVigne recaps the many struggles and obstacles he overcame to get the program off the ground.
    We’ll learn how the NCA...