This collection of content includes historical information that helps us understand and grapple with complex questions and dilemmas by examining how the past has shaped institutions and behaviors.

  • ANDREW MARANISS | Recognizing Leaders in Sports

    Andrew Maraniss is known for his sport biographies of athletes who push the envelope and serve as beacons of inspiration. Andrew has written biographies on Perry Wallace, Glenn Burke, and the first US Women’s Olympic basketball team. In this episode, Meg and Dr. G gained insight into the history ...

  • GENDER EQUALITY IN SPORT | A Historical Context

    Practicing fairness in the sports requires a solid understanding of equity and equality. There is a lot more there than it seems. Historical social values have influenced our understanding of fairness. Dr. Jay Coakley and Meg discuss how today's culture is redefining the meaning and standards ...

  • SPORT SOCIOLOGY | Do We Play 'Cause of the Pros?

    Ideology of professional athletes is not a new phenomenon, but as the benchmark for professionals is becoming stratospheric, are we putting undue and unrealistic pressure on developing athletes? Dr. Jay Coakley, Meg, and Dr. G start an important dialogue around professional ideology.

    Does soci...

  • SPORT SOCIOLOGY | Bleak or Peak? Sport Monoculture

    The rise of a global sport monoculture" is having profound effects on sport participants, particularly in their development. More than ever, the ultimate purpose of sport participation is the attainment of professional status, winning Olympic gold medals, or setting new world records. The goo...

  • SPORT SOCIOLOGY | The Great Sport Myth

    The widespread assumption that sport is, inherently, a force of good despite the fact that it can both empower and humiliate, build bonds and destroy them, blur boundaries and marginalize. SPKN is hosting the conversation around the new realities of sport in our culture.
    Everyone is a sucker fo...

  • TRANSGENDER ATHLETES | Historical & Cultural Perspectives

    Meg and Dr. Jay Coakley explore the different historical and cultural perspectives that have shaped the transgender movement in sport. By understanding the various perspectives, we can keep moving the conversation to a better place for all athletes.