Explore all SPKN's original series. We cover everything from socio-cultural issues to gripping coach stories. Communication and Team Culture, Sport Psychology, Social Issues & Ethics, Sort Science & Tech, and more...Enjoy all our incredibly informative interviews. These series provide a framework for building the next generation of sport practice while inspiring a better future in sport through knowledge.

  • SPKN's Sideline

    3 seasons

    Join hosts Meg Wilson and Dr. Brian Gearity on Sideline as they embark on a mission to elevate sport leadership by seamlessly integrating sport knowledge into practice. In each episode, they engage with leading experts in sports and sports science to uncover actionable insights that can transform...

  • Beneath The Armor

    1 season

    Welcome to "Beneath the Armor," a captivating new original series by SPKN. Join former NFL Tight-End, Asante Cleveland, and Clinical Sport Psychologist, Dr. Trevor Cote, as they delve into the world of athlete wellbeing, and the part athlete identity and transitions play in enhanced performance.


    3 seasons

    Welcome to "Coach Stories," a captivating SPKN Original Series that will inspire and leave you moved. Join us as we unveil a collection of unforgettable and impactful stories shared by coaches, athletes, administrators, and more. Prepare to be blown away by the wisdom and depth of these narrative...

  • Up the Ladder

    13 items

    Welcome to "Up the Ladder" with your host Nate Stine, an informative SPKN Original Series that explores the remarkable careers within the sports industry. Get ready to uncover a wide range of fascinating professions, some well-known and others that are often overlooked.

    In "Up the Ladder," Nate ...


    7 seasons

    Welcome to seven seasons of the Social Side of Sport, where SPKN’s Meg Wilson joins renowned sport sociologist, Dr. Jay Coakley in discussions about the relationship between society and sport. Each episode provides a unique perspective as they delve into various socio-cultural structures, patter...